KSACN Project

This aim of this project is to create C++ classes that can be used to create and parse ACN packets. The classes can be used to create test programs for a specific ACN implementation. The project will also try to give information about ACN that helps to understand the standard.


The ACN standard “ANSI E1.17 -2006 Architecture for Control Networks” is an open standard for control of devices on a network. Aimed at entertainment technology applications it was developed by the Entertainment Services and Technology Association (ESTA). For more information please refer to ESTA's Control Protocols Working Group.


The C++ classes are in the first place indended to learn more about ACN and the openACN implementation.

The code also includes a C++ classes that make it easier to transmit/receive UDP packets. The classes support IPv4 and IPv6.


The code will be hosted on Sourceforge and be open source.


DMP information: This documents gives detailed information about the DMP layer.

A personal view on Lighting control: This documents a very personal view on lighting control.

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